Standard Home Owner Insurance Coverage - Did You Know

Water Losses Excluded:

There is no coverage for loss or damage caused by freezing during the usual heating season within a heated portion of your dwelling if the insured has been away from the premises for more than 4 consecutive days.  But you will be insured if you have taken either of the following precautions;

1.  Arrangements had been made for a competent person to enter the dwelling daily to ensure that heating was being maintained; or

2.  The water supply had been shut off and all the pipes and appliances drained

Example Scenerio

Last winter, Bert and Betty Butler won a 10-day vacation in Bermuda as a grand prize in a sales contest. They decided to take the trip in early February and left the children with Betty’s mother. On the third day of their holiday, Betty received a call from her mother indicating that the furnace had failed sometime during the previous two or three days. As a result, the waterlines in their home had frozen and ruptured.

NOTE:  As a property owner it is important that you check and understand your homeowner’s insurance policy, so you know how many consecutive days away from your home are stipulated in your insurance policy.

Information taken from - IBAC / IBAO - Fundamentals of Insurance

Furnace service/cleaning

Furnace maintenance and cleaning is one of the most overlooked things in most people's homes.  The reason for that is simple, if it works then why worry about it?  Well that is actually the main reason to have an annual service performed on your furnace.  While the technician is inside performing the cleaning on your furnace he is also checking all of the safety features of the furnace that would only be needed if there is a problem.  He will test all of the safety sensors designed to stop the furnace from trying to start if there are any issues.  Like the flame sensor that is designed to stop the flow of propane or oil if the flame goes out or the pressure sensor which stops the furnace if the vent becomes blocked.  The cleaning is actually more of a safety check for your furnace as well as keeping it running at peak efficiency.

Heating oil tanks

In many cases oil heat is still the best way to go and one of the most common services that comes up is tank replacement.  Regulations now require that any new tanks installed be a minimum of double bottomed meaning two layers of material on the bottom of the tank with a monitored space in between.  Have us give you an estimate and discuss any other additions you may need to your system. 

furnace replacement

If you are considering replacing your heating system, especially if you are thinking of converting from oil to propane, then we would be happy to help you make your decision.  As a supplier of both types of fuel we can offer unbiased advice on what would be your best option.  There are several considerations that you need to look at from type of venting required, gas piping, ductwork changes, and removal of the old equipment.

Our service department can look after the complete replacement or installation of the system for you or we can also work with your contractor to co-ordinate the delivery and installation of the propane tanks when they are needed.  Each and every installation has its challenges and we are happy to help in whatever way we can.

Heating System Service

One of the advantages of having our own in house service department is the peace of mind we can offer our customers.  You know that no matter what you just need to know one phone number.  We can also perform the required safety inspections for your tanks and home heating system as prescribed by the TSSA usually at no charge to you!

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