As our valued customer, we would like to make you aware of your responsibility to schedule annual service of your heating system. The Canadian Standards Association regulation B139 governs how most heating systems are constructed, installed and maintained. This regulation also specifies some responsibilities for heating system and fuel tank owners.

Specifically, you have an obligation under the code, to ensure maintenance is performed on your system annually. That maintenance must also include a visual tank inspection. Please contact our office today to schedule your annual service.

Oil Tanks

Your heating oil tank must be maintained and inspected regularly and is the most likely part of your system for your insurance company to want replaced.  We can help advise you of your obligations under the code regarding your oil tank and also help to provide your insurance company with the information they require.  Sometimes small changes in the system are needed and sometimes just a clear explanation of your system is all that is required for your insurance company.  We like to keep our customer's money in their pocket and not spend it on needless replacement of parts of their heating system.  Call our office with any questions that your insurance company may have.

Heating Oil

Outram Fuels provides delivery of home heating oil on both 'will call' and automatic delivery basis.  We also have our own in house service department to maintain all of the required TSSA inspections for your oil tank and heating system saving you the time and money of having those inspections done by an outside contractor.  

We have our automatic delivery customers on a 'degree day' system so that the deliveries are optimized based on the weather, not just a weekly schedule.  

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