propane Tank size and placement

There are many variables to consider when selecting and positioning propane tanks.  There are several regulations which must be followed and that can be confusing.  Here are a few of the more common distances that you would need to be aware of.  

For propane tanks up to 475L (125 USWG - U.S. Water Gallons) - (typically this would include all 'cylinder' style tanks) 

  • 3 feet (1m) minimum from building opening (door, opening window, crawl space door etc.)
  • 10 feet (3m) minimum from source of ignition (air conditioner, electrical outlet, intake or exhaust for appliance, dryer exhaust etc.)
  • No minimum distance between tank and property line, or building wall.
  • No minimum distance between tank and another propane tank (up to 4 tanks may be joined together)
  • Maximum 125' from the tank to the delivery truck for tank fill up


For propane tanks over 475L (125USWG) up to 3800L (1000USWG) - (typically would include all 'lay down' or 'torpedo' style tanks)

  • 10 feet (3m) minimum from building wall, property line, or source of igintion (electrical outlet, air conditioner, appliance exhaust, etc.)
  • 3 feet (1m) minimum from another propane tank
  • Maximum 125' from the tank to the delivery truck for tank fill up
  • Also note gas line to propane tank, if buried must be minimum 18" deep and have cut protection (usually plastic outer sheathing)


Propane installations are regulated by the Natual Gas and Propane Installation Code - CSA B149.1-00  as well as any municipal by laws.  Call us to help plan your installation as early as possible so we can help make your system layout as simple and inexpensive as possible. 


Propane Tank Rentals and System Inspections

All Ontario residents are required to comply with the CAN/CSA B149.1 Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code and the CAN/CSA B149.2 Propane Storage and Handling Code.  These two pieces of legislation are designed to ensure that all gas systems meet the minimum code requirements and are in safe working condition.  Inspections must be done at least every 10 years, or whenever the system is changed such as adding an appliance, changing the location of the tanks etc.

Because Outram Fuels rents the tanks to customers and maintains ownership of the tanks, we also conduct these inspections at no charge to the customer, and maintain the records required to comply with the TSSA requirements.  If you have any changes made to your system by another contractor, just call us to arrange a re-inspection at no charge.


Whether you have been using propane for many years or are new to propane you are bound to have questions.  Let us try to help sort out the best system for you so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy all the benefits that this clean fuel has to offer.

Propane is a Hydrocarbon the same as Crude Oil and Natual Gas.  The chemical formula for propane is C3H8.  It comes out of the same wells as oil and gas.  During the refining process propane is seperated from the oil and gas and is transported by pipeline, truck and rail car all across North America and the world.  Most of the appliances that use propane can also use natural gas with a minor conversion that changes the operating pressure and size of the burner opening or orfice. 

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